Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sephora 'Nail Patch' Long Wear Nail Stickers

The color that I chose is #502: Black Strass (available from Sephora, I picked these up in the store - other colors are available online).

Eek! I really don't recommend these nail stickers. They are a pain to put on, even if they do apply quickly. They don't tear off easily at the tips after you stick them on, so you can see that I already having 'chipping' when I haven't even worn these stickers for an hour yet! The stickers also don't fit my nails properly and I don't think I have abnormally tiny fingers/fingernails. If you look at my thumb you can see how ill-fitting they are.

Pros - Nice not to have to wait for polish to dry, I think this Black Strass is a nice, glittery color that isn't too flashy but gives me a little pop in what I have on my nails.

Cons - Poor fit, hard to find ones in the package that fit well, hard to get even two uses out of one package (not cost effective), don't tear off easily which can leave jagged edges at the tips, there aren't many color options both in-store and online.

Overall, I don't think anyone should buy these except for the convenience that they give. If anyone is going to be looking closely at your nails, do not reach for these. They won't give you a clean look unless you happen to be a whiz with them. If they fit better and tore off smoothly at the tips then I would be all for them but until that happens, I think I'll stick with regular bottles of nail polish.

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