Monday, July 5, 2010

Village Naturals 'Restless Nights' Foaming Bath Oil

I just got myself this bubble bath a few weeks ago and I am totally in LOVE with it.  It foams up incredibly well and the scent is great!  It has the essential oils of Lavender, Passion Flower & Chamomile, which I find to be incredibly soothing and relaxing.  Just pour a generous amount under running water and it foams up in no time.  I also liked that the bubbles lasted a long time, unlike so many other bubble baths that I have tried.  When I stepped out of the tub, I felt like my skin was moisturized and my muscles were relaxed.

Additionally, Village Naturals Therapy products are cruelty-free and based out of my home state of Minnesota (specifically Chaska, Minnesota)!

If you like bubble baths, definitely check this product line out.  I think it's affordable and does exactly what it claims to.  I know that once I am through with this bottle, I will definitely be ordering some more of their products, they offer a variety of "bath therapy" products that I would love to review in the future!

What's your favorite bubble bath product?  Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shower Busters/Shower Steamer Review

I went to Bubbles of Laguna in Laguna Beach, CA this past week and picked myself up something called a Shower Buster or a Shower Steamer (depending on where you look).  It's an item that is similar to a bath bomb, only it's meant for the shower.  The directions according to Bubbles are:

Place one Shower Steamer on a flat surface in your shower. As it dissolves in the indirect spray, aromatherapy oils mix with the rising steam to provide a true spa experience.

Hydra Aromatherapy Mood Buster Shower Steamer - Hangover
You can also get these on Amazon, click on the picture above to check them out!

I tried out a grapefruit scented one last night and I have to say that I really liked it.  The half sphere shape sits where you put it and lightly bubbles from the steam hitting it.  These shower busters/shower steamers are inexpensive and the entire thing didn't dissolve in the shower that I took, so I will be able to use it again!  I let a light mist hit it and the whole bathroom filled with the scent of grapefruit.  After my shower, I took it out and put it in a dish to dry so that I will be able to continue using it when I want to.

I think that these are great for when you want some "spa therapy" but do not want to take the time to draw a whole bath.  I highly recommend them!  And if you are ever in Laguna Beach, check out Bubbles of Laguna, they are right on the Pacific Coast Highway as it goes through Laguna Beach.