Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ikea Picture Frame Project

I took a picture frame and a poster that I bought at Ikea and...

           Without Flash                                                With Flash                

I cut the poster down and turned it into this!  Please excuse the reflection of me in the glass.  I have to admit that I saw this poster with this frame on display at Ikea like 6 months ago but I have been dreaming about it since we moved into our apartment.  I love the mix of the ornate/feminine frame and the yellow/green tinged flowers.  I think together it looks beautiful!  This is just the thing I needed to do to add something whimsical to our bedroom entrance area.

What is your favorite home project that you have worked on lately?

'Baronessa Cali' Lotion Recommendation & Review

I got a sample of this lotion at a hotel that I went to with my friends in Hollywood.  I have gotten around to using it now and let me tell you, you have to check this lotion out!  It might be pricey but with the internet, there are always ways around that! Check eBay or other websites that might be offering it for less.

This lotion moisturizes beautifully, leaving the skin delicately soft.  The scent is light and slightly floral/sweet but definitely not like a bouquet.  The scent of this lotion is something that keeps me reaching for it.  I like when things are "scented" without have a particular named scent.  I am also impressed with how it sinks right into my skin and doesn't leave a layer oil like some lotions I have tried do.  I have found that this lotion has really help my cuticles to calm themselves and they have had time to heal while I am using it.

If you go to Baronessa Cali's website, you can get a 50 mL size of this lotion for $4.  A great way to check it out and see if you like it!  If you want to take the plunge and splurge, click on the link of the left and it will take you straight to Amazon to give it a shot.

After I use up some of the other stuff that I have, I am definitely going to try out some more products from Baronessa Cali in the future.  I want to see if their other products live up to what they say it does.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

'essence XXXL shine lip gloss' swatch and review

essence is a cosmetics line that I recently saw at Ulta. The products are inexpensive so I thought I would give one of their lipglosses a shot. My first impression is that this company is kind of the like the European Wet N' Wild. Inxpensive cosmetics that a lot of people can try out and see if they like what they have to offer.

essence describes this gloss:
the XXXL shine lipgloss ensures outrageously shiny and pampered lips. shimmering color pigments conjure-up an amazing volume effect while a rich complex containing vitamin e and panthenol ingredients prevents your lips from feeling dry.

 essense XXL shine lip gloss in Pick Me Up

This lip gloss is not amazing but it isn't so bad either.  It's very sheer, you can see from my swatch above that it doesn't add any color to my lips, I might as well have bought the clear version.  The formula feels moisturizing and smooth on my lips, not sticky or tacky.  It also has a scent that I can't quite place.  It is kind of a fruity scent but has a bit of something else as well.  I like it.

Additionally, the brush is unique.  It is like a long, thin paddle mixed with the doe foot applicator.  I thought that was interesting when I first opened it.

Pros - very inexpensive (approx. $1.99), variety of colors (haven't tried any others to know if they are sheer or not), nice scent, moisturizing, not sticky, no taste.

Cons - not pigmented, comes off after a bit (you will have to reapply often).

'Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place ShadowCreme (in Vintage Violet)' Swatch

CremeShadow in Vintage Violet (with primer on top, without on bottom)

Estee Lauder describes: 
Creme eyeshadow delivers intense color that lasts up to 15 hours and goes on fast.
Long-Wear, Stay-True Color
It's stay-true color at your fingertips with matte to demi-pearl finishes.
Creamy formula goes on smoothly, blends easily.
Seamless coverage won't crease or fade.
Can be worn alone or layered under powder eyeshadow.
For all skintypes & ideal for mature skin as it minimizes pulling & tugging of the delicate eyelid.

This  creme shadow is AMAZING!  It has taken me some time to get used to creme shadows but once I figured out how they work with my skin and what I can do to make them look good, I love them!  This Estee Lauder ShadowCreme seriously will not move after you put it on and let it set.  When I was doing the swatches, I went to wash my hands afterwards and the was just going to rub the shadow off and it wouldn't move!

Pros - color true to what you see in container, stays in place after it sets (will not budge, must use cleanser and water to remove), feels good upon application, dries to a nice finish (doesn't stay tacky or anything like some creme shadows do), variety of colors to choose from, easily available, a little goes a long way.

Cons - expensive (approx. $17.50), have to get used to working with a creme eyeshadow.

After a whole day of wear.

Overall, I really recommend Estee Lauder's ShadowCreme.  It does everything that I was looking for a creme eyehadow to do and I am very impressed with it.

Has anyone ever tried any other creme shadows that they really liked?  I would like some additional recommendations if you have any.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

'Fizzy Baker Raspberry Cupcake Bath Bomb' Review

I received this bath bomb as a birthday present and I just got around to trying it out.  Overall, the cuteness factor of this bath bomb rules out most of the bad feelings I had towards it.  I have never seen another bath bomb like this so it looked very cute in my bathroom!

However, it did not deliver when I put it in my bath last night.  I was hoping for a stronger raspberry or cake scent, which it ended up not having.  I didn't feel that this bomb softened the water in any way or that it really did anything to change my bath water (like a bath bomb should do whether it be changing it in color, scent, creating bubbles, softening the skin, etc).  The top of the cupcake is supposed to be able to be used like soap but it just felt plastic.  It didn't feel like soap at all so I couldn't really use it.

So, if you have a friend, significant other, mother, sister, etc. who like cupcakes (as many people do), get this for them.  But get it for them with the understanding that it is pretty much for looks and not for what the bath bomb is going to do to enhance the experience of their bathtime.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'Palladio Tinted Lip Balm (in Champagne)' Swatch & Review

Palladio cosmetics are something that I recently read about on another beauty blog.  So I decided to first try our their tinted lip balm's since they are so highly regarded by other makeup enthusiasts.

Palladio Tinted Lip Balm in Champagne

Palladio describes these lip balms as:
A unique emollient that contains natural UV filters such as Caprylic/Capric Trigyceride (a liquid derived from Coconut Oil), this exclusive formula protects against the sun while deeply penetrating the lips’ surface with intense conditioning. At less than half the price of department store competitors, these balms are available in a wide variety of sheer colors that are sure to look gorgeous on any skin tone.
Overall, this lip balm is applies very sheer and is comfortable on the lips.  It has just a bit of shimmer to it.  However, you need to be careful not to apply too much or it will get a bit cakey.  The scent is a bit odd but I quickly got used to it.  It's an herbal scent that caught me off guard since I wasn't used to it.  I think these are great lip balms that offer just a hint of color, feel good on the lips, come in a variety of colors and are affordable.

I am definitely going to try out the Berry or Orange colors next.  Check them out and let me know what you think when you do!