Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Agent Provocateur: A Celebration of Femininity" Book Review

Agent Provocateur: A Celebration of Femininity by Joseph Corre & Serena Rees

I have a different edition of this book but I can't seem to find a picture of it right now. If you are into depictions of female sexuality through clothing (or the lack thereof), I think this is an intensely inspirational book. The collection of photographs that it holds is fantastic. Bright, bold, colorful, professional photographs, both of people you may know and people you may not. All laced throughout some interesting text discussing various facets of lingerie fashion, women's sexuality, etc.

I truly love that it portrays women are both "socially/traditionally" beautiful as well other portrayals of women. Not everyone is stick thin in this book and that is refreshing, considering we normally never see that in the average lingerie catalogue,etc. I like looking at the lingerie, the hairstyling and cosmetic looks used in the styled shoots, it's all there

I don't own anything by Agent Provocateur but I love looking at their lingerie, I think they have fun with it and anyone who is into lingerie gets what they are doing. The price ranges for the line might be geared more towards the "rich and famous" but I think anyone can walk away from looking at their inspirational photographs, window displays, etc. and feel fulfilled on some level of enjoyment.

I'm not saying that everyone should go out and spend hundreds of dollars on lingerie that they can't afford. I am saying that it doesn't hurt to do some "window shopping" online and daydream about what you would get if you could. And if you can get your hands on a used copy of Agent Provocateur: A Celebration of Femininity, I say go ahead and get it. It's fun to look through and get inspired by.

Do you own any other books by Agent Provocateur? How do they compare to how I feel about this book?


  1. I've been wondering about this book. Thanks for the review. I love Agent Provocateur but all I can afford is perfume on ebay. <3

  2. Mermaid - I hear you on being able to only afford the perfume on eBay! :) How do you like their perfume? I have never tried it. <3