Sunday, December 13, 2009

Urban Decay 'Fbomb' Swatch and Review

This is what Urban Decay's 'Fbomb' nail polish looks like on me.  I apologize for the wear on the edges, I have been wearing this color for a few days now (and it's lasting nicely!)  As you can see, it is a bold yet soft, fairly retro looking red.  It is not a deep red (like a lot of blood reds that you are seeing nowadays) and it is not a full on, fire engine red either.  I think that it falls somewhere in between and is a nice red to reach for when you want a red that is not the normal orange red that you would most often see.

The application was smooth and I think that this polish (along with all of Urban Decay's polishes) last for a good amount of time.  I don't have any complaints, I definitely think that there polishes are a good investment! 

What do you think of Urban Decay's nail polishes?  What is your Urban Decay polish?