Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coastal Scents 'Fusion' Lip Gloss Swatch and Review

Here is a swatch of 'Fusion' by Coastal Scents, I threw this color in when I ordered the Camo Quad that they just came out with (review here.)

Overall, I really wish this gloss was more pigmented that it is, I have these glosses in a few other colors (Strunt on Nude, Monroe A Go Go, Mega Mauve & Near Peach) and I think that it their only downfall. They are much more sheer that they appear that they would be in the tube. I like that this is 'wearable' but I was keeping my fingers crossed for something that would really pop when I put it on.

Pros - Easy application, small/easy to fit in a pocket, purse or bag, affordable (they lowered the price since they first came out!), variety of pinks, nudes and peaches; not sticky, smooth feeling on the lips.

Cons - Not nearly pigmented enough, especially with the lip trends going on right now, the brush/cap can feel cheap (bristles stick out funny) and the stopper can pop out and get stuck in the cap - resulting in a messy situation. Be careful when you first open to see if you got one that is going to come apart!

What are your favorite lip glosses, lipsticks, etc.? Which ones have the pigmentation you have been looking for?

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