Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Victoria's Secret 'Beauty Rush' Lip Glosses

Victoria's Secret has been a hit or miss for me when it comes to cosmetics. Like 'Beauty Rush' lipglosses, I know people that LOVE these lipglosses but I HATE them. They smell amazing but are so sticky and too jelly-like. I hate the fact that your hair can get caught in it and smear it on your face.

I bought one a long time ago (can't remember what flavor) and I thought maybe I just got a tube of one that didn't quite turn out so well. Since then, Strawberry and Banana haved proved themselves no better.

~Pros: Smell delicious, taste pretty good (it's inevitable that your going to lick your lips), affordable

~Cons: Thick, sticky/jelly-like texture, no real tint or color is seen while wearing it

When it comes to lipglosses, sheer or otherwise, what do you prefer?

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