Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash" Review

I love this face wash and everyone needs to know it.

You can get this cleanser at either Walgreens or Ulta, those are the only two places I have ever found it. It is affordable, in the $5 range and lasts for a long time. To use, all you need is wet your face, then take about a dime or nickel sized amount (depending how much cleaning you have to do), mix it with water and lather up. It removes makeup very well. For really stubborn or waterproof makeup, you could use a bit of makeup remover beforehand or just wash a second time to remove any extra that might still be left.

I feel it's gentle on the eye area and I can remove a majority of eyeliner/mascara without tugging or pulling at my eyes.

*Pros - reasonably priced, lasts a long time, clean/soapy scent, don't have to use much product, removes makeup well, skin feels clean and refreshed after using.

*Cons - can be slightly drying if used too often, I only use it in the evening when I really need to clean my face. Also, since it does last so long, you might get sick of it and want to switch it up with another cleanser from time to time.

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