Thursday, August 13, 2009

'Burt's Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen' Review

I bought this sunscreen just a few days ago, thinking that I could apply it before my walk home, in order to protect myself from the afternoon sun.

I was excited to try a product that is totally natural and doesn't have any of the parabens or anything that are not good for your skin or body. That excitement didn't last long. When I first applied it, it smelt good and I was thinking that I might really be onto something. Fast forward to five minutes later and I felt like I had mixed baby powder with a cheap lotion. My skin was tight feeling and covered in a layer of dusty, white powder. Not a way that one wants to be seen in public.

I've tried this twice now, applying a normal amount, and still get the same feeling. Like I can't wait to shower it off. I really don't think this is worth the money. There are much better options out there for a lotion that provides general SPF protection but don't make you feel ready to run to wash it off. I'd love to be able to find an 'everyday' lotion that has a higher SPF (this one has SPF 30) and that works without uncomfortable 'side effects.'

*Pros: paraben free, natural, smells good, that's about it.
*Cons: white/chalky layer left on skin, leaves a film that feels tight, doesn't 'breathe,' better options for the $10-$15 you'll spend (depending on where you get it).

What do you recommend as an everyday sun protectant for your face or body?

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