Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eyeko 'Pretty Polish' Review

Eyeko 'Pretty Polish' is a soft pink pastel color. I think that the color is super cute but the application was horrible. I had read that this would probably happen (on Scangie). But I thought, maybe, just maybe it would be different for me. Love the color, HATE the application, drying time and way that it dents easily for hours after applying it.

*Pros - lovely, feminine creme color. Perfect for people that are into light, non-threatening colors. Also has the cutest bottle design! Be sure to check them out!

*Cons - sheer, streaky application, this is with five coats - that's too many for the kind of lady that I am. This color takes forever to dry and it dented easily for be for about a whole day after I first applied it. It never seemed to completely dry.

I am going to review the other polish that I got, 'Vamp Polish,' tomorrow. I am hoping I will like it better because Eyeko seems to have some super cute things. They also offer free shipping on all orders which I think is fantastic!

You can view their nail polishes, as well as other cosmetics on their website,

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