Thursday, June 3, 2010

'Fizzy Baker Raspberry Cupcake Bath Bomb' Review

I received this bath bomb as a birthday present and I just got around to trying it out.  Overall, the cuteness factor of this bath bomb rules out most of the bad feelings I had towards it.  I have never seen another bath bomb like this so it looked very cute in my bathroom!

However, it did not deliver when I put it in my bath last night.  I was hoping for a stronger raspberry or cake scent, which it ended up not having.  I didn't feel that this bomb softened the water in any way or that it really did anything to change my bath water (like a bath bomb should do whether it be changing it in color, scent, creating bubbles, softening the skin, etc).  The top of the cupcake is supposed to be able to be used like soap but it just felt plastic.  It didn't feel like soap at all so I couldn't really use it.

So, if you have a friend, significant other, mother, sister, etc. who like cupcakes (as many people do), get this for them.  But get it for them with the understanding that it is pretty much for looks and not for what the bath bomb is going to do to enhance the experience of their bathtime.

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