Wednesday, June 16, 2010

'Baronessa Cali' Lotion Recommendation & Review

I got a sample of this lotion at a hotel that I went to with my friends in Hollywood.  I have gotten around to using it now and let me tell you, you have to check this lotion out!  It might be pricey but with the internet, there are always ways around that! Check eBay or other websites that might be offering it for less.

This lotion moisturizes beautifully, leaving the skin delicately soft.  The scent is light and slightly floral/sweet but definitely not like a bouquet.  The scent of this lotion is something that keeps me reaching for it.  I like when things are "scented" without have a particular named scent.  I am also impressed with how it sinks right into my skin and doesn't leave a layer oil like some lotions I have tried do.  I have found that this lotion has really help my cuticles to calm themselves and they have had time to heal while I am using it.

If you go to Baronessa Cali's website, you can get a 50 mL size of this lotion for $4.  A great way to check it out and see if you like it!  If you want to take the plunge and splurge, click on the link of the left and it will take you straight to Amazon to give it a shot.

After I use up some of the other stuff that I have, I am definitely going to try out some more products from Baronessa Cali in the future.  I want to see if their other products live up to what they say it does.

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