Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lime Crime Lipsticks, 'D'Lilac' & 'My Beautiful Rocket' Swatches & Review

I got my package of two lipsticks that I ordered from Lime Crime Makeup yesterday!  I preordered these and they arrived just in time to be used for Halloween and also for all of the upcoming festivities that I have!

As you can see the packing is super cute, holographic unicorns on each tube of lipstick make for a 'gleeful' time when re-applying.  Doe Deere is a strong believer that when you apply lipstick, it should be an artful process, not something that should be done hidden in the depths of a bathroom.  I definitely would not be ashamed to take of this lipstick and apply it in front of everyone, what a conversation starter it would be!

Above: This is what D'Lilac looks like on my lips.  I have really been in love with lilac colors as of late, I think it exudes a sort of Cyberpunk sort of look and I am really smitten with this lipstick.  In fact, I am wearing it today to work!  I love the way it mutes out the natural color of lips and really speaks for itself!

Above: This is what My Beautiful Rocket looks like on my lips.  A beautiful, pure orange without any red undertones.  Exactly what I have been looking for in an orange lipstick!

I would definitely recommend applying these lipsticks with a lipbrush for precise application or I would advise applying slowly to make sure you get a nice crisp line (especially on the lower lip).

Pros - a multitude of colors you won't find any where else, lasts on the lips for quite awhile before reapplying is needed, fast shipping/packaged well, pure glee every time you put it on!

Cons - kind of expensive ($16 for one lipstick), a bit dry when you first put it on (I would apply a bit of chapstick/Carmex to prep the lips before applying), bright colors make for a statement so try to apply it as best as you can (watch for messiness!).

Overall, I have to say that I am in love with Lime Crime Makeup and what Doe Deere has to offer.  She gives you a multitude of colors (both with these new lipsticks and the existing eyeshadows that are sold) that you cannot find anywhere else.  I am impressed with Doe Deere's ability to be both inspiring as well as a teacher through her work with her cosmetics line and I am sure she will continue to revolutionize what it means to wear makeup and how you make a statement with it!  If anything, I would buy one color just to be part of the experience!  I am sure at some point in the future, I will be buying myself another color from the site!

Check out the lipstick shades that are offered by Lime Crime Makeup by clicking here!


  1. im super jealous of ppl who can get these lipsticks. i cant afford $16 for one, let alone $32 for two... shame


  2. It was a splurge, not something I would do all the time! :) Save up for one, I am sure they will be around for a long time, since they have been selling extremely successfully!

  3. Doe Deere's response to people who want to leave defamatory/hurtful comments on other people's blogs:

    Having an opinion is good, spamming other people's blogs is not.

  4. At the risk of being called a spammer or troll, I have to point out that you can in fact order pigments that perform identically to hers but are much more reasonably priced. I am NOT saying that they're the same- they come in baggies, not cute little unicorn adorned jars, but for $1.50 that's a point of difference I'm willing to contend with. BTW, I have been a professional makeup artist for 14 years, so when I say the pigments seem identical, that is a trained beauty pro's opinion.

    Her lipsticks certainly look unique, and the packaging is adorable. I also agree with Lacy about Xenia's (aka Doe Deere's)ability to teach and inspire. Just think people should know the facts! :)