Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lime Crime 'Enchant' & 'Fairy Wings' Swatches & Review

Here are swatches of Lime Crime Magic Dusts, 'Enchant' and 'Fairy Dust.'
These are swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.


Pros - You can see that 'Enchant' is a kind of grayish, dusky green color, it's good for a smoky eye look that is slightly out of the ordinary. I especially like it applied wet.

'Fairy Wings' was really hard to photograph (I apologize), it has sparks of violet and looks beautiful layered over another color (like layered over black). Since I think it's more appropriate as a layering color or a sheer wash on it's own, I would never apply it wet but I thought you guys might like to see that. I also like to use it as a highlight to my brow and cheekbone.

These shadows last a long time (product & wear-wise) so they are well worth the investment and would be especially for colors that you can't find anywhere else!

Cons - The one thing I do not like about these shadows is the container, they spill easily and do not seal tightly, causing me to get violet sparkles all over my bathroom, makeup case, etc. I find it annoying and I am tempted to transfer them into better containers.

I am definitely going to check out more Lime Crime shadows in the future, Doe Deere just revamped the website and they are now offering double the amount of product for the same price! I am for sure going to get some of the brighter pigments in the future.

Go to Lime Crime Makeup to see more color options and to buy a few for yourself!

Does anyone else have these shadows (or other Lime Crime products)? How do you like them?


  1. Stop spreading rumors. L'Oreal has a color similar to Dragon Scales, so does MAC, and Urban Decay. The spectrum has only so many colors.

  2. For those that it may interest, here is Doe's response to the criticism's that have been coming her way:

    Once again, everyone is free to have their opinion but it is important to be respectful to one another.

  3. Even if she isn't repackaging generic stuff, she's still price gouging. If another company offers the same shadow at half the price, I'm buying from them.