Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ulta Glam Goth Nail Polish Collection

I just saw this Glam Goth set at Ulta this weekend and I had to get it. In the Ulta that I go to, it was next to the register, I almost didn't see it when I was there!  I really like dark nail polish colors because to me, they can sophisticated yet still edgy in their own various ways.  I like a kind of "goth" sophistication without all of the kiddie influence that an alternative style can have.

Here is what the brush looks like.  Even though it is stout, I found it pretty easy to use.  I like mini nail polish collections because I rarely use an entire bottle of nail polish before it goes bad.

Underground - A dark black with blue shimmer.  There are a lot of colors like this so there is nothing special about it but it is a nice color.

Tainted Love - I am reading that many people like this color.  It is green with gold glitter, quite lovely.  I have also read that it is a near dupe for Sally Hansen's Project Runway so if you missed that or liked that, pick this up.  Personally, I have found that that a lot of greens are hard for me to wear, they end up looking too yellow with my skin.  So a deep forest green is nice to see.

Black Lace - I think this should have a different name, it doesn't seem to fit this kind of nail polish.  A nice deep grey creme, rich and saturated looking.  I think I will wear this regularly.

For Bitten - pink/magenta and orange glitter in a black base.  I love this color and I think it mixes an edgy/sophisticated color with a touch of fun that isn't too bright or too over the top (for when you want to be more subdued in your "alternativeness."  This is my personal favorite color out of this collection.

After Hours - a purple with some shimmer in it.  A nice, normal purple that really doesn't have anything too special or unique about it but still a nice purple.  I think this purple would be cooler if the purple shimmer didn't match it so much and it sparked more than it does.


  1. Stumbled here while searching for these polishes..I must say that polish doesn't go bad! You can just add thinner (NOT polish remover) that you can buy from Sallys or Seche Vite Restore is great one too. Save your polish! :)

  2. These are nifty little polishes especially if ur into the alt edgy look.I can't stand punchy pinks or neon nails,so I really like these any season.I have for bitten layered over black lace right now.:]

  3. Mone-Chan, I will have to check out the polish thinner, thanks for the tip!