Sunday, May 9, 2010

Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Hair Mask/Conditioner

I bought 'Redken Real Control Intense Renewal' hair mask awhile ago and I have to say, that I really like it.  I find that it really helps to moisturize, condition and repair my hair from the coloring that I do to it and also the general dryness that it tends to get over time.

Pros - Moisturizing, smells wonderful (it has that salon product smell, light and clean), creamy, covers and conditions hair well, product lasts a long time even if with regular use, attractive packaging.

Even though this product is somewhat expensive (depending on where you get it from), I think it's an investment.  You aren't going to use it everytime you wash your hair and a 8.5 oz. tub with last you a long time. 

Cons - Not available everywhere, might be too heavy and moisturizing for very fine hair.  I think this hair mask would be best for thick, damaged or frizzy hair.  If you do have very fine hair and want to use this hair mask, I would only use a little bit and I would really concentrate it on the ends.

Do you have a favorite hair mask that you like to use?  What is it and why?  I would love some recommendations!

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