Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heavenly Hostess: Serve with Grace {Review}

Heavenly Hostess is a cute little website that I saw advertised recently in a local Orange County magazine.  I had just moved into a new apartment so my mind had been swirling with ideas of things for the home.  I haven't bought anything from this site (yet) but I am in love with the how they take practical items and make them so that they can be for an individual who wants to stand out. 

Kitchen accessories are one thing that I think can use some pizazz and I think that Heavenly Hostess does it well.  A modern twist on vintage-style items and the use of unique fabrics really appeals to me.  Even though the cocktail aprons are expensive ($125), I still think they are nice and I can keep dreaming about them.  Afterall, you can't find an item like this in a regular store and it would definitely be worth the money for the effort that went into making it.  Speciality shops do carry their items but I haven't ventured out to any to check them out yet.

I think that out of everything I have looked at, I am eyeing this little apron the most.  It's flashy but still darling and I just might be able to pair it with something else and it wouldn't even look like an apron!

Overall, I am loving this site and the items that are made.  They look well made, with love and heart put into them.  They also occasionally do trunk shows and other appearances around Southern California so maybe I will be able to check them out in "real life" in the near future.

What do you find yourself dreaming of and drawn to when it comes to home accessories, apparel or otherwise?

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