Sunday, August 15, 2010

'Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner' Review

Redken Color Extend Set

I got this shampoo when I dyed my hair dark brown (with some blue and a few highlights), a few months ago.  I needed something that would help my color to remain vibrant (for a reasonable period of time - it always fades over time) and I also wanted to maintain as much moisture as I could.  The salon I went to used Redken products so I opted to try some of the Color Extend shampoo and conditioner.

Overall, I have to say that I like this Color Extend line from Redken.  It smelled light and delightful, cleansed and moisturized my hair and I feel that it made it more manageable while styling it.  The shampoo successfully removed any product buildup from my hair and the conditioner replaced any lost moisture and smoothed the cuticle, making it easier to comb through after bathing.  I also feel that there was some slight protection from sub damage and fading that can be caused from being outside.

The great thing about these salon products is that you can get value sets a lot of the time.  This makes the cost more affordable and you can try it without spending full price, most of the time.  Be sure to check places like Ulta, beauty websites or click here to go to Amazon to find specials on this value set from the Redken line.

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