Monday, March 1, 2010

Lipstick Queen Invisible Lipliner [Product Shot & Review]

Lipstick Queen describes this lipliner as:
This fabulous wind up Mechanical liner (no sharpener needed!) goes on invisible to create a defined lip edge and perfect those little imperfections we all have.
Your best kept secret...Invisible Liner is a must have!
I bought this lipliner as kind of a tester product to see how I felt about Lipstick Queen.  I wanted a lipliner that would help my red lipstick to stay in place throughout the day without having it bleed into everything around my mouth (as red or dark lipsticks tend to do).  I would swatch this but obviously, there is nothing to see, it applies clear and smooth.  I feel that it evens out the feel of my lips and allows my lipstick to apply evenly. 

I think this lipliner helps my lipstick bleed less but I definitely do not think that it completely stops my lipstick from bleeding.  If it did completely stop the bleeding of lipstick, it would totally be the perfect lipliner.

More about Lipstick Queen and my feelings about it in the near future!

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