Monday, February 22, 2010

Satin Pillow Case {Burgundy} Review

I have read a lot about how sleeping on a satin (or silk) pillow case is supposed to make your hair more manageable and less unruly in the morning so I decided to order one off of Amazon.  I decided on this one since it was reasonably priced and I was able to choose from a multitude of colors. 

The pillow case arrived quickly and was packaged well (almost too well, I don't think a pillow case needs to be sent in a huge box with a bunch of large bubble padding, an envelope would do me just as well).  It fits a standard size, foam pillow perfectly (you can get them in king size as well) and zips close so that you don't have to feel the foam, the pillow is all covered by pillow case material.

Overall, I don't know if I really see a difference when I wake up in the morning.  Supposedly, sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case allows the hair to slide across it rather than snag in it like it would with a cotton pillow case.  I have also read that is is less drying to hair than a cotton pillow case.  I have to say, my hair does not look any better in the morning.  It is still frizzy, sticking up funny and poofy.  It definitely does not help me to have better waves in the morning over a regular cotton pillow case.

But, this pillow case does make me feel fancy and I enjoy sleeping on it, which I think everyone needs these little things that they can look foward to.  I think I will enjoy it even more when the weather is really warm here, I think it will feel less damp than cotton can gets since it absorbs humidity.  The fact that you can get them in a lot of different colors is great for different personalities and different decorating sitations.  Check it out if this is something you are interested in!

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