Saturday, September 25, 2010

iVi Scents Soap and Soft Drop Bath Candies {Review}

I ordered from iVi Scents after I read about them on Kandee Johnson's blog.  I figured they sounded like a great product to try out.  So, I ordered myself three soaps (Birthday Cake, Ozone and Milk & Honey) and a bath bomb (Pillow Fight).  My order arrived very quickly and was packaged well. 

iVi Scents products contain NO sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, triclosan, GMOs or phthalates AND they are a Cruelty Free company!  I think that when a company is able to offer products that are free of harsh chemicals, cruelty free and have something that truly competes with what a person is able to find in a mainstream store - that is a great thing and a company that I would personally love to support.

Pros - soap comes wrapped in adorable zebra print tissue paper, moisturizing, lathers well, soap seems to last a long time (like it won't need to be replenished for awhile), smells accurate, wonderful and delicious (all the soaps do, the scent emanates from the packages and smells lovely)!  The Birthday Cake soap is such a treat!  Honestly, I think a huge appeal of the soap is that the experience of using it, it makes you feel so good!

Cons - only available online, more expensive than a commercial brand soap (but if the soap lasts longer, you are not replacing it as often).

I would love to see even more scents available.  I am impressed with the speed that my order arrived, how wonderful the soaps smell and how I feel once I get out the shower after using them.  I think that iVi Scents is a wonderful company to support and I think the products, at lease the ones that I have tried, live up to what they say that they do.

As for the Soft Drop Bath Candies, I ordered Pillow Fight.  For a bath bomb, I think it was just OK.  It turned the water a murky, cloudy color and it wasn't as scented as I like bath bombs to be.  I think the formula needs to be improved upon.  It smelt good in the package but it didn't translate to the bath water.

These products, especially the soap, would be great to treat yourself with or to buy for giving to someone else.  I think that they would be great for people with sensitive skin and for people that are trying to limit the number of chemicals that they expose themselves to.

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